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Lower Back Carry – When are they Safe?

So I read a lot about high back carries, and how baby must be high on mothers back to be safe. In my early baby wearing days before I perfected this art I struggled to get my back carries to an acceptably high level, the one carry I could wrap my head around was the […]

What is not a flaw? woven wrap flaws

What is not a flaw? woven wrap flaws If you are new to woven wraps you may be unsure of what counts as woven wrap flaws and what a normal inconsistency is in a woven wrap. Firstly each brand of woven wrap is different in the way they feel and the way they wrap, for example the Natibaby […]

Ring Sling Australia Information

Things to consider when buying a ring sling Australia Why a ring sling Australia? Ring slings are great; they roll up really small and are often a bit cheaper to buy. After some practice they are very quick and easy to take on and off and can be used from birth to toddler. Beginners can […]

Summer Babywearing

Lots of questions about baby wearing in summer recently, I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge and experience. There always seem to be a mass panic among baby wearers at the beginning of summer, I saw it last year and did become caught up in the confusion… what blend? Some say […]

Toddler Wearing

PixieMama’s tips for toddler wearing I am often asked how a 57kg woman can carry a 13kg toddler comfortably so here are a few tips… Back carry – This will feel way more natural, with a heavy load on your front your will tend to overcompensate by leaning back and this will put strain on […]

How old is too old?

So people often ask me how old is too old for a child to be carried? Well obviously most carriers are tested up to a particular weight usually around 20kgs so logically that would tell me you can carry them until they are quite old. However I often get funny looks when carrying my 13 […]