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Lillebaby Review by Claire from Mod Bots

Lillebaby review

LILLEBABY REVIEW – Thanks to Claire from Mod Bots for her thoughts on the Lillebaby Airflow Complete carrier. You can view and purchase this product here  Baby wearing – where would I be without it? I often ask myself this question while wearing my youngest as I cook, clean, run errands, walk on the beach and […]

Lillebaby Review – Complete All Seasons

Lillebaby review

Lillebaby review – Complete All Seasons  Submitted by Brianna – baby wearing mum of two  I had the pleasure of trying out a Lillebaby Complete All Seasons full buckle carrier and it surprised me. It was easy to use, versatile and fit both my 2.5 year old and my 9 month old. Things I loved about […]

Introducing the Lillebaby carrier- for when you want everything

Lillebaby Compete - All Seasons (Charcoal/Berry)

Introducing the Lillebaby carrier – for when you want everything So many times I have had to turn away a customer as they are set on buying a carrier that can forward face their baby. So I have been searching for the perfect carrier that can give people these options they crave, while still providing […]

Hoppediz Woven wrap review – regular range

Hoppediz Woven wrap review – Regular Range. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to test a size 7 Hoppediz regular range woven not long ago. I had not used a Hoppediz previously and I was pleasantly surprised. It was very lightweight and airy yet surprisingly strong, holding up well to my 2yo and […]

Hoppediz Hop Tye Review

Hoppediz Hop Tye are a new edition to the PixieMama store. They are a fantastic adjustable design and made from the Hoppediz range of woven wraps. They feature spreadable shoulder straps, adjustable base from 20-40cm, wide wrap style straps and a sleep hood you can purchase a Hop Tye here   Read what what […]

Joy and Joe Maxi roses review

Joy and Joe Maxi roses review Joy and Joe Maxi Roses 100% cotton white weft in a size 6 has been sent on a tour of my tester group to get some reviews, I am publishing the reviews exactly as the participants have typed them to me so you can get a totally non bias […]

Natibaby Hemp Review – Van Va Voom Geo Love

PixieMama was lucky enough to be allowed to stock some of the beautiful Von Va Voom exclusive Geo Love… we have a few more of these beautiful wraps on the way and they are expected to arrive late March/early April 2014. Here is a lovely Natibaby Hemp Review by one of our customers.   Let’s be […]

Chimparoo Mei Tai Review – Read it Now!

Chimparoo Mei Tai Review. I am always looking for qualified third parties to review the baby carriers I sell. I know it is important to my customers to read fair and accurate descriptions before they purchase. This is especially important when shopping online. You can see what Amy has to say here Amy from Baby […]

What is not a flaw? woven wrap flaws

What is not a flaw? woven wrap flaws If you are new to woven wraps you may be unsure of what counts as woven wrap flaws and what a normal inconsistency is in a woven wrap. Firstly each brand of woven wrap is different in the way they feel and the way they wrap, for example the Natibaby […]

Water slings – uses and limitations

Water slings – uses and limitations Just wanted to cover some of the questions I have been asked recently regarding my opinion on mesh water sling and in particular the beach front baby water slings. Beach front baby water slings are rated to use between 8-30 pounds or 3.6-13.6kgs They are cost effective and are […]

Product Testing

So I have to say I do love the testing side of things at PixieMama, here are some products I have been testing recently… GreenMa I have recently been approached by a new company to road test a brand of ring sling; these are a fair trade product woven in a cross twill weave using […]