What is not a flaw? woven wrap flaws

What is not a flaw? woven wrap flaws

If you are new to woven wraps you may be unsure of what counts as woven wrap flaws and what a normal inconsistency is in a woven wrap.

Firstly each brand of woven wrap is different in the way they feel and the way they wrap, for example the Natibaby 30% linen wraps are a very tightly woven, thicker denser weave that does take some breaking in to become soft, they are great for toddlers and heavy babies.  On the other hand the Joy and Joe Maxi roses with 30% linen are quite a fine, looser weave and are very thin and super soft. They are best for babies, are amazingly easy to wrap with so would make a good beginner wrap especially over summer due to the airy weave. So you see two different wrap both in the same weave will feel very different. If you have purchased a wrap before you really can’t assume that another brand in the same blend will look or feel the same, even sometimes wrap from the same company can be very different.


Usually 100% cotton wraps are soft straight out of the pack, they can come in very different densities though and it is best to ask before you buy if you are specifically looking for a thinner than average or thicker than average wrap. Even a 100% cotton wrap can have small irregularities within the weave and generally these are normal.

Any wrap that is cotton blended with linen or hemp will have inconsistencies throughout the wrap, these are called nubs and slubs and are totally normal. Hemp can also have small fluffy threads that stick out of it, these are NOT broken threads but really just part of the charm of owning a hemp blend wrap, they are totally normal and both the wraps are safe and functional.

below you can see some normal features of woven wraps, the first picture is a very small weavers knot on the size of the end of a pen in real life (pointy end), the second is hemp fluff, the third is nubs and slubs

weavers knot (normal feature)hemp fluf (not broken threads)

normal slub in a blended wrap

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