How old is too old?

So people often ask me how old is too old for a child to be carried? Well obviously most carriers are tested up to a particular weight usually around 20kgs so logically that would tell me you can carry them until they are quite old. However I often get funny looks when carrying my 13 months old people tell me to put him down so he can walk, I mean really? Do they want my very active boy to destroy their shop? I think not, He is way more contained and content in his wrap or carrier while I run errands. My baby is a big boy, his father is 6 foot 3 and he is going to be a big man one day unfortunately the drawback to this is that people tend to think he is older and expect him to do more such as behave in a shop where there are multiple items stacked within his grasp. I tell you I am tempted to just let him loose one day but can’t afford to pay for the consequences.

I recently took my three and a half year old to see Disney Princesses and Hero’s on Ice and it was amazing and such a nice girl’s day out. On the way out of the arena my daughter was tired and there were screaming kids everywhere, everyone was trying to get out at once this is quite overwhelming for a child brought up on a broad acre farm where the nearest neighbour is a few kms down the road and we often go 2-3 days without seeing anyone outside family. My answer to this… my trusty shortie woven wrap, quick ruck and we were out the door and away to the train station in no time my daughter felt safe and secure and everyone was happy.

So in conclusion you as long as you are holding and carrying your child they will generally feel more comfortable in a carrier or wrap and you get the added bonus of having your hands free

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