Ring Sling Australia Information

Things to consider when buying a ring sling Australia

Why a ring sling Australia?

Ring slings are great; they roll up really small and are often a bit cheaper to buy. After some practice they are very quick and easy to take on and off and can be used from birth to toddler. Beginners can use them in front or hip carries and more experienced baby wearers can even achieve a back carry with a ring sling. You can wear the ring sling as you go about your day and easily pop baby in and out as required in 1-2 minutes or less. They are great for toddlers who want up and down a lot and are off and off your hip all day.


Always follow the TICKS guidelines, we recommend an upright tummy to tummy carry in a ring sling over a cradle carry and this is the easiest position to meet the guidelines. A ring sling with a closed tail and padded rail will be harder to adjust and more difficult to achieve this position so look for one with an open tail and no padding in the rail (shoulder padding is fine and a matter of personal preference)

TiCKS Guidlines can be seen here on my web page with other babywearing info http://pixiemama.com.au/pages/Babywearinginformation.htm


There are a few things to look for in a good quality ring sling and let’s face it cutting costs is not worth it when it comes to our children.

  1. Look for a ring sling made with sturdy non-stretchy material, woven wrap fabric is great as it will have only a small amount of diagonal stretch allowing it to mould to your baby’s body
  2. Look for one with non-welded rings, a weld can cause a stress point and welded rings have been known to break. The most well-known brand of sling rings is http://www.slingrings.com
  3. Check the rings have been tested for heavy metals such as lead
  4. Ask about the threads used to sew the sling, polyester thread is great as this won’t degrade or decay over time and is very strong
  5. Ask how many rows of stitching are joining the rings to the carrier, two is fine, three or four even better

Shoulder style

There are many different ways the shoulder is sewn on a ring sling for example there is pleated, gathered, padded and hot dog shoulders to name a few. Your best bet it to go to the sling meet and try a few on before you buy.

Age and weight of child

If you child is over 10-12kgs then you will want to look for a sturdy supportive material such as a double layer 100% linen or linen/cotton blend, a hemp/cotton or a medium weight 100% cotton material, if you have a newborn you may like to look for something very soft and easy to work with such as a 100% cotton, silk, bamboo or broken in 100% linen.


Over summer any ring sling is likely to be cooler as you will only have one layer of material going over baby and you will have one arm and shoulder free. 100% cotton is quite a breathable material and is usually soft and easy to work with or if you want something thinner you could look for a 100% linen sling this might take a bit more work to become soft. Alternatively you could look into a mesh ring sling, there are best suited to small babies or for use in the water.

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