Summer Babywearing

Lots of questions about baby wearing in summer recently, I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge and experience.

There always seem to be a mass panic among baby wearers at the beginning of summer, I saw it last year and did become caught up in the confusion… what blend? Some say cotton is more breathable, but bamboo feels thinner?? What to do? Linen is supposed to be thin right? Or was it thick? Help?

First when it comes to woven wraps it seems to me that many people become caught up in trying to find the thinnest wrap on the market and forget that no matter what wrap you own you can do some basic things to make yourself and your baby more comfortable. First dress baby very lightly, secondly if using a woven, wrap baby in a single layer carry whenever possible. Carries such as front wrap cross carry with passes bunched, Kangaroo), ruck or even reinforced ruck. Honestly one single layer of material going over baby will be so much cooler and more comfortable for him/her. Finally if you baby is over six month old try arms out but do make sure the material is right up under the arm pits and with a firmly tightened top rail.

This leads me to my second point, when choosing a summer wrap thinner is not always better, yes with a newborn or light baby under 8-10kgs a thin wrap in a single layer carry will be fine for support and really cool. However in my experience some very thin wraps are not as supportive and tend to dig in quickly, then I will need to do a multilayer carry for extra support hence defeating the purpose of a thin wrap. Some multilayer carries have two passes over baby i.e. double hammock some even have three passes i.e. secure high back carry.

Another great option is a ring sling, again one single layer of material going over your baby and also one of your arm/shoulder free to air will feel much cooler.

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