Toddler Wearing

PixieMama’s tips for toddler wearing

I am often asked how a 57kg woman can carry a 13kg toddler comfortably so here are a few tips…

  1. Back carry – This will feel way more natural, with a heavy load on your front your will tend to overcompensate by leaning back and this will put strain on your back
  2. Choose your carrier wisely – Toddlers are heavy and you need to make sure the carrier or wrap you are using is up to the task and capable of a back carry. Rose and Rebellion in-between sized carriers are specifically designed for toddlers and are sized 18×18 inches. If you are wearing a woven wrap pick something toddler worthy (strong with very little give). Natibaby Linen/cotton and hemp/cotton are a dense weave and have an incredible amount of cush on the shoulder making them my number one pick, Second choice is either a Lenny Lamb 100% cotton wrap or a Natibaby 100% cotton
  3. Keep that toddler high and tight – Tighten your carrier straps firmly so that baby is brought nice and close to your body. If using a wrap make sure you start with your child high up on your back and tighten across the whole width of the wrap. Either wrap your child arms in in they prefer arms out start with the wrap at the childs arm pits, Otherwise you will get slack in the wrap when they later pull their arms out
  4. Multi layer it! – Woven wraps are the most versatile and there are so many ways to carry, however I would suggest a one such as double hammock or back wrap cross carry as these have multiple layers over the baby’s body providing extra support.
  5. Multi-layers don’t mean extra length – you can use a short wrap to carry a toddler and still do a multi-layer carry for example with a size 3.6m wrap you can do double hammock tied at shoulder or Jordan’s back carry. In fact short wraps are often handy with a toddler as they are easier to cart around and whip out when those little legs get tired
  6. Let you toddler take the lead – If they don’t want to go up don’t push them you will only create a battle zone

Note – Rose and rebellion toddler carrier due to arrive end September

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