Breast feeding a toddler – where I am at now…

So first I just want to say that I support all mamas no matter how they choose to feed their children, however from my own personal perspective I am passionate about breastfeeding. With my first child it was a real challenge and without the support form family, friends and the Australian Breastfeeding Association I doubt I would be writing this blog.

Anyway second time around things have come much easier and my baby was a boob monster from the get go, he had a powerful suck and a big appetite and the more he fed the more my body responded, he put on 400gms in his second week of life and continued to stack it on ever since. I have actually stopped having him weighed however he is a big boy now at 15 months over 13 kgs.

So this brings me to my point, my baby and I are still enjoying our demand breastfeeding relationship 15 months later however this has brought about  new and different challenges. For the first time in months I have started to feel self-conscious feeding in public. I am aware that my 15 month old looks at least two when he is laying in my lap nursing and I have been starting to notice some curious glances. I was out two weeks ago in the evening celebrating a big win with my hockey team and for the first time in my son’s life I covered him while he fed. I have also been finding a new love for my ring sling, long tails are great for a quick cover up while my toddler has a feed and if the ring sling is long enough then when my son gets heavy and has finished feeding I can do a Ruck under bum carry. This is a back carry where the weight is evenly distributed rather than the usual way to wear a ring sling which is over one shoulder with baby on your front or hip. Wraps have also been proving most helpful with a toddler, again when out if I am looking for a quick cover a wrap  is always handy, they make great picnic blankets and are also great for a game of tug of war.

In a way I am ashamed that I am not standing up for what I believe is right and feeding in public in our usual uncovered manner. On the other hand I figure it’s whatever makes the mum and bub most comfortable and able to feed in the given situation and at the end of the day it is about the mother and baby not about how anyone else feels.

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