Toddler Wearing

PixieMama’s tips for toddler wearing I am often asked how a 57kg woman can carry a 13kg toddler comfortably so here are a few tips… Back carry – This will feel way more natural, with a heavy load on your front your will tend to overcompensate by leaning back and this will put strain on […]

How old is too old?

So people often ask me how old is too old for a child to be carried? Well obviously most carriers are tested up to a particular weight usually around 20kgs so logically that would tell me you can carry them until they are quite old. However I often get funny looks when carrying my 13 […]

Freedom from opinions blog

When I had my first child I was 25 and it was an unplanned pregnancy, I had been dating her father for three years in a long distance relationship and had only recently moved in with him. We live on a broad acre farm in the Eastern Wheat belt so I changed jobs, houses, left […]

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