Hoppediz Woven wrap review – regular range

Hoppediz Woven wrap review – Regular Range.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to test a size 7 Hoppediz regular range woven not long ago. I had not used a Hoppediz previously and I was pleasantly surprised. It was very lightweight and airy yet surprisingly strong, holding up well to my 2yo and even my 18kg 3.5yo in multilayer carries. It felt nice and soft in hand, moulded well while wrapping and was comfortable. It held up well to the ‘pegging the washing’ test, including lots of bending and stretching – no sag, no slipping or stretch. When tested with a 3.5kg weighted demo doll in a ruck, I barely noticed baby was there. The only negative I can mention is that, it is quite low in ‘cush’ and may require a precise wrap job for comfortable long wears with a heavy child. I will definitely buy one of these for my next baby wearing summer.

Thanks you Kara Bunn for this Hoppediz woven wrap review. if you like the sound of this review you can purchase this range here for under $100 http://www.pixiemama.com.au/?p=1409

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