Joy and Joe Maxi roses review

Joy and Joe Maxi roses review

Joy and Joe Maxi Roses 100% cotton white weft in a size 6 has been sent on a tour of my tester group to get some reviews, I am publishing the reviews exactly as the participants have typed them to me so you can get a totally non bias view of the wraps for sale in my shop.

This review is dated 26/6/14 By Mandie

I was a little wary of this wrap initially as I wasn’t sure how the red would look on me. However, when I took it out of the bag I saw it was a lovely soft red colour and it actually goes with my skin nicely – and I think it would suit most people.

I didn’t receive this wrap new, but it had only been to two other testers before me and I was impressed at how gorgeously soft it was. Just kept wanting to rub my face on it!

Thin in hand, it is super easy to wrap with as the passes slide easily. It would be absolutely divine for a squish, and it can still handle bigger babies in multilayer carries.

I think this wrap would suit experienced wrappers and beginners alike, because it is so easy to wrap with. It wrapped slightly long to me, but that’s a good thing because I sometimes struggle to FWCC in a size 6 being a fluffy mama.

Thank you Jane for letting me try out this gorgeous wrap!

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The first review is by Lisa dated 14/4/14.

When I received the white weft maxi roses I instantly fell in love the colours. I was totally amazed by how buttery soft, thin ,cool and flexible this wrap was! I was super keen to try it out but alas my baby was fast asleep! Instead I put my 3 yr old up in a reinforced ruck and was surprised how wonderfully supportive it was with my 15 kg toddler. I found this wrap super easy to wrap with both my baby and toddler but I would say its best for newborn onward. It is okay for bigger babies if the carry has additional passes for extra support. It would be wonderful for warmer climates as it is lovely thin and loose weave. Even my little hot water bottle baby was cool in this wrap!

first photo is Lisa and her baby, second is my self with my toddler.

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