Lillebaby Review by Claire from Mod Bots

LILLEBABY REVIEW – Thanks to Claire from Mod Bots for her thoughts on the Lillebaby Airflow Complete carrier. You can view and purchase this product here 

Baby wearing – where would I be without it? I often ask myself this question while wearing my youngest as I cook, clean, run errands, walk on the beach and in the bush, and dropping and picking up kids from their classrooms. For me, wearing my babies and toddlers has kept them calm and settled and that has meant I can get everything done without any of us getting frustrated!

I’m a loyal customer of PixieMama  (ever since Jane took the time to meet with me to discuss and demo wrapping on the eve of her wedding!) and saw that she was going to be stocking LilleBaby Complete Airflow carriers.

Soccer training was coming up and I knew it would be a perfect cooler option for carrying (or is that containing?) my toddler while I was active in coaching my son’s soccer team. It attracted me for other reasons too:

  • the mesh body would be a cooler option for summer
  • the neutral colours for my partner (I have some very colourful, patterned carriers that he wasn’t so keen on wearing) .
  • it has features that offer additional support for wearing an older baby/toddler.
Lillebaby review

Claire is wearing the Lillebaby carrier with back panel on small setting so her toddler can have arms out. The length of the back panel can be increased if preferred by using the adjustable neck support.

And there’s one more reason – I’m a sucker for a long list of features and options when I buy a product and Lillebaby has obviously worked hard to tick every possible box in it’s design.

Boxes ticked include: 6 positions including forward facing, super adjustable, a fold up panel for safe and strong neck support, machine washable, removable lumbar support, cross straps option, adjustable width of seat, removable hood, zippered pocket, and made in both baby and toddler size…phew!

I ordered the Baby size for my 14 month old, average size toddler and at 19 months now it still fits well. When it arrived I was  super impressed with how well it was made and the quality fabrics.

It took me awhile to get the right length on the shoulder straps – there’s two buckles to adjust and I just didn’t realise.  Nothing that a good read of the instructions wouldn’t fix. That’s the only thing I would warn you about this carrier – be sure to read the instructions to get to know all the features.

The adjustable seat width (2 sizes) is so nifty. I’m not a fan of spreading baby’s legs really wide when they are little so this is a huge bonus in my eyes. Pity there’s no more babies in this household to try it on – boo! When you shorten the seat there are popper covers on the inside that look like they would be uncomfortable for baby to sit on but with nappy padding on their behinds they’re very unlikely to feel them.

Lillebaby review

For instructions on how to use the Lillebaby in a back carry position please visit You Tube by clicking on this photo

I tried the removable lumbar support panel and it provided nice support and admittedly didn’t use it again as our baby wearing is almost always back carries these days as you’ll see from the pictures. If you like to flip from back to front carries during the day and vice versa you may find too that you prefer to have it off rather than remove it each time you would like to switch.

The fold up neck support panel would be great for smaller babies who need it – my toddler wasn’t keen on it being up (in preparation for her falling asleep) as it limited her head movement and vision but once asleep I could snap it up, and feel confident seeing that she was safe and sound in there, or on my back I could easily grab the hood reach straps and pull the hood up and over her head.

The carrier does feel airy and cooler with the 100% mesh body and I’m looking forward to trying it in searing heat that will come with summer. There’s no doubt it is a great option for active, outdoor loving parents.
In all, the Lillebaby Complete Airflow carrier is comfy, supportive, and super adjustable which is handy if your partner babywears as well.

I’m witnessing so much growing interest in Lillebaby in  baby wearing groups online and during meets. I had a couple of requests to bring mine to a meet for others to try out. Then a friend borrowed it over a weekend and promptly purchased one of her own. That says it all really!

*Claire is a mum of three, and in her business Mod Bots shares knowledge about modern cloth nappies and provides only the best, tried and tested, quality brands and accessories. Check out Mod Bots on Facebook to get the latest in the world of MCNs.

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