Lillebaby Review – Complete All Seasons

Lillebaby review – Complete All Seasons

brinna lille 2 Submitted by Brianna – baby wearing mum of two 

I had the pleasure of trying out a Lillebaby Complete All Seasons full buckle carrier and it surprised me. It was easy to use, versatile and fit both my 2.5 year old and my 9 month old.

Things I loved about the carrier include.

  1. I found the lumbar support was handy for me in front carries as my boys are fairly heavy and it helped distribute their weight better for me.
  2. I loved that on hot days I could unzip the back panel to provide airflow to bub.
  3. I liked the way that the extra base width slides off the waist band and clips away from everything to cinch the base down for smaller bubs and forward facing carries.
  4. It was Very quick and easy to adjust.
  5. Back carries were comfortable and I just clipped the extension up to provide a higher back to stop my baby flinging backwards.
  6. It felt secure and was easy to adjust properly.

I was skeptical of the forward facing option however I tried it and although I still prefer inwards or back carries I found it really supportive compared to other forward facing carriers and again I feel the lumbar support helped with that. Overall the Lillebaby carrier is easy to use, great for a range of ages and would easily last you well if you were wanting one carrier to do all of it for your babywearing journey. I really enjoyed loaning this carrier and writing this Lillebaby review. .



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