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PixieMama was lucky enough to be allowed to stock some of the beautiful Von Va Voom exclusive Geo Love… we have a few more of these beautiful wraps on the way and they are expected to arrive late March/early April 2014. Here is a lovely Natibaby Hemp Review by one of our customers.  

Let’s be honest, I am not a Nati lover. I want to be; I adore the designs and style but I never love the wrapping qualities as much. When Jane previewed Geo Love my heart skipped a beat. The colour, the subtle Geo pattern with hearts. Oh, LOVE. Straight away I preordered but there were no shortys left. Oh dear, Nati hemp in a 7?! nightmare!I ordered thinking I would just chop and sell.

When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the colour, it was perfect, not green, not blue a perfect light teal with creamy white. It was lot floppier out of the box than I expected. And softer. And thinner! I was shocked. Actually shocked. I threw Chloe up in a quick, dirty ruck. Wowzers. It obviously needed breaking in but I really enjoyed the whiter cotton side glide and tealy hemp side grip and support.

Washed and worn a few more times this wrap is getting better and better, it softened and broke in with almost no effort, I was surprised by that. It is certainly soft, thin and mouldable enough for a squish while still retaining some, but not all, of the famous Nati density for support and strength. I think it needs multilayers for heavier kids (Chloe is 10mo, 10kg) but it shines in lots of carries. If I had to choose a con, the white cotton side is still a bit slippy, enough that Chloe can pop her seat in a ruck with minimal effort even when I do it well. However I just use carries with a leg pass and it’s awesome. Super impressed with this beautiful wrap

Thanks Cat for this great Natibaby Hemp Review, you can Pre-order one of these now /

Hemp is easy to care for check out the washing instructions here

Natibaby Hemp Review

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