Product Testing

So I have to say I do love the testing side of things at PixieMama, here are some products I have been testing recently…


I have recently been approached by a new company to road test a brand of ring sling; these are a fair trade product woven in a cross twill weave using 100% organic cotton. The company is called GreenMa and the fabric is made and sewn by Aroumia Exports, located in Pondicherry, South India they are working hard to support the less privileged women and children in the surrounding villages by allowing them to create beautiful products including baby carriers in a fair trade environments.

The ring sling I have been testing is two meters in length un-tapered end and with a padded shoulder that has been sewed using four rows of polyester threads, The rings are silver and are sourced from The fabric is certified organic cotton and quite soft and easy to work with straight out of the bag, it feels quite sturdy and has a good amount of diagonal stretch being a cross twill weave, this material feels medium weight to be and is very supportive.

I am not a huge fan of the padded shoulder so I have asked the manufacturers if they can do another shoulder style and they are very happy to do a prototype in a simple gathered shoulder for me to approve.

I would say this would be a great all-rounder ring sling that will be quite budget friendly and I look forward to hearing more form GreenMa in the future.


I have been stocking the Chimparoo Mei Tais’s in my shop for a while and absolutely love them however I have been put off selling the woven wraps due to there being a large logo right in the centre. So anyway when I heard Chimparoo have removed the logo I was thrilled and my distributor was more than happy to send me a woven wrap to test.

The wrap I have here is in the Juliet colour way and it is very beautiful to look at, purple, blue and beige stripes of all different widths make for an interesting pattern woven in a cross twill weave with beautiful diagonal stretch, these are a standard range woven that sell for around $130 including postage for a size 6.

The wrap is surprisingly light, weighing in right on 220gms per square meter I was immediately thinking this would be good for summer. I am not a huge fan of thin wraps but tried it with my toddler who is 13.5 kgs and it was very supportive. One feature I love about the Chimparoo wraps is that they are quite wide, even wider than a Natibaby and come is right around 75cm they also have very long tapers that make for a super neat knot and pretty tails.

The Chimparoo is 100% cotton and soft and mouldable straight out of the pack, it was easy to wrap with and nice and cool on a 35 degree day, I was comfortable wearing my toddler in a double hammock for 1 hour.

The verdict, this would be an excellent woven wrap that is soft and easy enough to wrap with for a beginner while also being supportive and wide enough for a toddler.

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