Water slings – uses and limitations

Water slings – uses and limitations

Just wanted to cover some of the questions I have been asked recently regarding my opinion on mesh water sling and in particular the beach front baby water slings.

Beach front baby water slings are rated to use between 8-30 pounds or 3.6-13.6kgs

They are cost effective and are sold for $65 at PixieMama and come with their own matching carry bag.

Why I love them – Beach front baby ring slings are a new product and are made in Texas USA by a work at home mum with a fantastic vision. She has really looked at the design and created a top quality and very usable product. The ring sling is made from 100% polyester jersey fabric which is very breathable and also fast drying. The rings are a size small and from slingrings.com they are all fully load tested and tested for heavy metals. The smaller ring has the advantage of making the fabric less slippery when making adjustments. http://slingrings.com has some great information on this. The thing that I really love about this design is that is has gathered shoulder. I find this design fits well and stops the very thin and somewhat slippery fabric from digging into the wearers shoulder. They are fantastic for shower time and holding a soapy baby, they are also great at the pool or beach especially if like me to have more than one child to deal with

Limitations – the fabric has a bit more stretch than some others and is not recommended for back carries. The ring sling is mainly designed for use in and around water however is can be handy to use with a light baby in a hot climate as an everyday carrier. With heavy toddler it is best to stick to using it as a water sling as a different fabric will be more supportive for longer periods of baby wearing


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