Postage questions 


I try to post with 24 hours of your order being placed Monday-Friday using Australia post I am located in Rural Western Australia.

If you are located in Australia you will get two options

a) Regular post –  3-7 days

b) Express – express is 1-3 days approximately (If you are located in Perth Metro express will often arrive next day)

If you are in New Zealand there is an option in checkout for Air Mail this is $20 AUD and will take 7-10 working days to reach you, if you require tracking or insurance please email me to upgrade your postage. If you are located anywhere else please email me for postage quote, please note I can not sell to people in USA/Canada due to insurance restrictions.

What is AfterPay? 

AfterPay offer simple installment plans for online shoppers, allowing a purchase to be paid for in four equal installments, due every fortnight. After you check out, your carrier will be shipped to within 24 hours. At any time, you can log in to your Afterpay account to see your payment schedule and make a payment before the due date. Otherwise we will automatically deduct the installments from your debit or credit card every fortnight.

Afterpay is available to all people who:

  • Live in Australia;
  • Are at least 18 years old;
  • Are capable of entering into a legally binding contract;
  • Have a valid and verifiable email address and mobile number; and
  • Use an Australian credit or debit card to make the purchase.

Select AfterPay as your payment option though checkout to get started. More info located here https://www.afterpay.com.au/buy-with-afterpay/

Which carrier should I choose?

This will depend on many factors including how often and for how long are you planning to carry baby? If your baby is on the heavy side or you plan to carry for an hour or two a day, I would recommend a two shoulder carrier that is able to be worn both front and back. If you want something that is for shorter use, quick carries or you have a light baby then ring slings are a good option.

Do you want something quick and easy? Ring slings and Soft structured carriers such as the Rose and Rebellion are very easy to learn how to use, great for babies that want up and down a lot as you can easily pop baby in and out of it. On the other hand Mei Tai’s and woven wraps can offer great versatility in the way you can carry.

What size woven wrap should I buy?

If you are new to woven wraps I would recommend a longer size wrap, this way you can try out all the different ways to tie and find out what work best for you and your baby. If you are an average sized person a size 6 (4.6m) wrap will be long enough, if you are petite and a size 8-10 or below then a size 5 (4.2m) woven wrap will be fine, if you are on the plus side then go for a size 7 (5.2m)

 What would you recommend over summer?

The Lillebaby soft structured carriers are great for our climate; they are lightweight and come with breathable mesh fabric options. Another option is a ring sling, as there is only one layer of material going over your baby and you will have one arm and shoulder free these tend to be a lot cooler. Woven wrap’s are also great over summer, I would suggest 100% cotton as in my experience this is the most breathable material. I would also suggest single layer carries such as a kangaroo carry on the front or a Rucksack carry on your back. Anything by Hoppediz is going to be nice and thin and an excellent choice to see you though the summer months. Hoppediz are the kings of thin wraps.

We have a handy link on the web page to show you all the carriers that are particularly suitable over summer http://www.pixiemama.com.au/shop/fabric/great-carriers-for-summer

What would you suggest for a newborn and a beginner to baby wearing?

Ring slings – These are a great choice for a newborn, relatively easy to learn how to use and cool over summer, they can also be used as your baby grows, in fact I still carry my toddler in a ring sling on my hip.

Adjustable based Mei Tai’s – Another option, these are designed with the newborn in mind as the base can clinch right down and the overall length can be decreased. Adjustable based Mei Tai’s can also be used as your baby grows and are a two shouldered carrier for even weight distribution. They take a little practice to learn how to tie, each one does come with an easy to follow instructions outlining carrying instructions.

Woven wraps – Can also be used from newborn, the front wrap corss carry is a very secure carry and in my experience is easiest to meet the TICKS guidelines for safe baby wearing with a newborn, I prefer a nice thin woven wrap for a newborn such as a Lenny Lamb bamboo/cotton blend a Hoppediz or Fidella.

Soft Structured Carriers – The Baby-Roo Huckepack is an ideal carrier for a newborn, it is fully adjustable in both length and width and can easily accommodate baby newborn-toddler

We have a handy link on the web page to show you all the carriers that are particularly suitable for newborn http://www.pixiemama.com.au/shop/fabric/great-carrier-for-newborns

What should I use to carry my heavy toddler

Again this will depend on how often and how long you intend to carry, if your toddler is up and down a lot and you just want some support to carry him/her on your hip the ring sling will be great! If your toddler wants to be held longer then a two shoulder carrier would be a good choice, The In-between sized Rose and Rebellion or the Lenny Lamb Ergonomic are both specifically designed with a toddler in mind and will fit from 12-18 month until 3-4 years. Alternatively a woven wrap would be great choice, Natibaby wraps with linen are particularly supportive or the Lenny Lamb 100% cotton wraps are strong enough to support the weight of a toddler/heavy baby.

We have a handy link on the web page to show you all the carriers that are particularly suitable for toddlers and larger babies http://www.pixiemama.com.au/shop/fabric/great-carriers-for-toddlers

What are the TICKS Guidlines?



What is a baby wearing group?

Baby wearing groups meet both in person and online to discuss and try on baby slings and carriers, they are usually run by one or two experienced baby wearers who are passionate about teaching others this art. They often have a sling library available for the members to try out different carriers.

If you are in Western Australia you can join Baby Wearers Western Australia Inc and find your local group though http://www.babywearerswa.com.au/

If you are anywhere in Australia you can join the group Babywearing Victoria Inc  http://babywearingvictoria.org.au/

For sling meets listed in all states of Australia visit this web page http://www.slingmeetsaustralia.com/

baby wearing victoria





What is a baby wearing consultant?

A babywearing consultant is someone who has been trained to offer advice about baby carriers and teach people how to use them comfortably and safely. You can find a WA based Babywearing Consultant here  http://www.thepracticalpossum.com.au/