Huckepack Baby Roo Half Buckles – Blue Fruit- Toddler size

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Introducing the new Huckepack half-buckle carrier. This is a fantastic product by Baby Roo, a company operated by a German babywearing consultant. As you would expect from a product designed by a qualified educator, these half buckles have a lot of unique features. They are made with a body panel of woven wrap fabric so they mould beautifully to your baby’s body.

  • Adjustable in height using buckles on the body panel.
  • Adjustable in width using draw string.
  • Adjustable  sleep  hood using toggles.
  • adjustable neck area for head support.
  • Well Padded shoulder straps for comfort.
  • Chest belt for extra support when back carrying.
  • Panel of the half buckle is made from woven wrap fabric from the  Colimacon & Cie range.

The sizes for Huckepack are as follows…

 Baby size

Birth – 18 months.

Height of body panel 30-40cm (12-16 inches).

Base of body panel 25cm-40cm (10-16 inches).


Medium size

4 months – 2 years.

Height of body panel 35-45cm (14-18inches).

Base of body panel 30-45cm (12-18 inches).


Toddler size

1 year – 4-5 years.

Height of body panel 40-50cm (16-20inches).

Base of body panel 35-50cm (14-20inches).


All carrier are recommended up to 20kgs.