Lenny Lamb Mei Tai – Purple Icicles

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Lenny Lamb Mei Tai – 100% cotton jacquard weave. 270gms/m2 

Lenny Lamb Mei Tai are made from Woven wrap material and hug close to your babies body. The is Mei Tai are very popular group of soft slings originating in Asia and having a more recent renaissance in Europe. This design has a relatively small learning curve compared to a woven wrap and is a great alternative for parents that want to do front and back carries safely without learning how to tie a woven wrap. It is a basic design consisting of a piece of cloth with four long strips attached to it for tying, the waist and shoulder areas are padded for extra comfort. One particular advantage of a wrap conversion Mei Tai is that is is possible to achieve a higher back carry than a soft structured carrier so the curious baby is able to see over your shoulder.

LennyLamb Toddler (maxi) – Recommended for children aged over 10 months, Maximum child’s weight – 20 kg. Width of body panel is 40cm. Height is 55cm. Shoulder strap length : 205cm, waist strap length 190cm.

Mini Size  (standard) – Recommended for children aged between 5 -18 months, Maximum child’s weight – 18 kg. Width of body panel is 35cm. Height is 45cm. Shoulder straps length: 205 cm,  waist strap length 190cm. 


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