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Introducing the new Huckepack full buckle carrier. This is a fantastic product by Baby Roo, a company operated by a German babywearing consultant. As you would expect from a product designed by a qualified educator, these full buckles have a lot of unique features. They are made with a body panel of woven wrap fabric so they mould beautifully to your baby’s body.

  • Adjustable in height using buckles on the body panel.
  • Adjustable in width using draw string.
  • Adjustable  sleep  hood using toggles.
  • Adjustable neck area for head support.
  • Well Padded shoulder straps for comfort, straps can cross at back in a front carry
  • Shoulder straps can be adjusted in two area
  • 4 sets of buckles on the body panel to allow for correct position in both young infant and old baby
  • Chest belt for extra support when back carrying.
  • Panel of the full buckle is made from woven wrap fabric from the  Colimacon & Cie range.

The sizes for Huckepack are as follows…

 Baby size

Birth – 18 months.

Height of body panel 30-40cm (12-16 inches).

Base of body panel 25cm-40cm (10-16 inches).

Medium size

4 months – 3 years.

Height of body panel 35-45cm (14-18inches).

Base of body panel 30-45cm (12-18 inches).

Toddler size

1 year – 5 years.

Height of body panel 40-50cm (16-20inches).

Base of body panel 35-50cm (14-20inches).

All carriers are recommended up to 20kgs.

More info 

Demonstration video below –  you can see she is using the lower buckle located on the hip belt, this is used for young infants who can not yet sit up by themselves as it provides the best position for their developing spine. With the Huckepack you will also have the option to  use the second set of buckles located half way up the body panel. The second set of buckles provide more support and are best used with an older baby/toddler, they can be stowed away when no in use.

Pictures – Here you can see the lady with baby on her front is using the Huckepack with a young infant, she has the shoulder straps set into the hip belt buckle. The lady with baby on her back is using the Huckpack with a toddler so she has the shoulder straps set into the body panel buckle. Please click on photo’s to enlarge

huckepack big 1huckepack bigger 2

Additional information

Baby-Roo sizing

Baby size (birth-18months)