Fidella Woven Wrap – Amors Love Arrows Plum


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 Amors Love Arrows Plum – Fidella woven wrap 

100% cotton, 80cm wide.

The fabric of Fidella woven wraps is especially soft and feels thin in the hand. However the dense bomb proof weave is also sturdy enough for older and even heavy children. The edges of all Fidella woven wraps are sewn in different colors. This helps to distinguish the top edge from the bottom edge. Each Fidella woven wrap is supplied in a matching storage bag. This makes it even more popular especially for collectors

About the pattern… 

wrap to fall in love with: Fidella “Amors Love Arrows”!

The unequal arranged “Love Arrows” that look like hearts, writhe wildly over the entire sling and yet form together a harmonious and playful pattern.

A great sling that stings not only as an arrow into the heart, but also directly into the eye.

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