Firespirals – Sherbet Cirrus Curves of Pursuit

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Firespirals – Sherbet Cirrus Curves of Pursuit 100% cotton, 240 gms/m2 This wrap is fizzing with sugary, summery goodness! There are 3 colours of combed cotton in the weft and a light, creamy coloured warp. Sherbet curves of pursuit is a beautifully airy, mouldable wrap and a medium weight gsm of around 240. The two faces of the cloth have slightly different characters and add extra interest. Our looser, alchemy weave allows the cotton to mould snugly around you and your child. This helps you to work out any slack as you tighten and keep you carrying comfortable for longer. Our 2 ply combed cotton offers extra support without extra thickness. 100% cotton isn’t only for small babies! – See more at: **Please note that these wraps are ‘loom state’ and will require washing before first wear. This first wash will set the weave, fluff up the cotton and clean out dust that has accumulated during weaving and hemming, so is an essential part of the process  

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