Hoppediz Jacquard Woven Wrap – Darjeeling Purple


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100% cotton

Great for summer! Thin and soft.

Hoppediz jacquard woven wraps are a thin/light weight wrap with a dense weave. They are extremely soft straight out of the pack and would be perfect for a beginner, young baby or even an older baby/toddler if you use a carry with more than one pass. The jacquard weave used by Hoppediz has excellent characteristics are supplemented by wonderful motifs that can be interwoven with Jacquard slings. They are in fact a double eye-catcher since you can wear these slings from both sides.

Special features of the Hoppediz woven wraps..

  • Two labels mark the centre of the sling. This makes it much easier for you to find the centre when tying.
  • The baby sling is cut diagonally/parallel at the ends so that the ends of the sling are easier to knot, making sure that they are not too thick or bulky.
  • A pouch is located at the end of the sling offering space for keys, purses or even tissues. It is 20 x 25 cm, and it is easily closed with 2 practical hook-and-loop fasteners.
  • The natural yarns are dyed before machine weaving (yarn dyeing). Therefore, our colourful but unpretentious designs are truly colour-fast. Thanks to this, our baby slings still look new even after countless washes – naturally using washing powder without fluorescent whitening agents.

Hoppediz have tested these woven wrap to a high standard they are free from any harmful chemical and also have been loaded with a tensile force of up to around 700 kg. This result was determined by the Technical University of Dresden (Institute for Textile and Process Engineering) to DIN EN ISO 139434-1.

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